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Get your free BlackBerry applications now!  Turn your BlackBerry Curve 8900 into a personal travel assistant. Send us your travel plans, and we'll create your travel itinerary on your BlackBerry phone.  WorldMate Live will automatically sync between your BlackBerry Curve 8900 and your personal web site.

Then watch WorldMate Live come to life - the travel assistant that will guide you throughout your trip with important itinerary updates, maps and directions to your hotel and meetings, weather forecasts, and much more. You love your Blackberry Curve 8900 and you'll love it even more with WorldMate Live's free travel assistant software.

WorldMate Live is:
Easy itinerary creation, management and sharing
Automatic sync between your personal website, mobile device and calendar
Hotel booking service, considering your precise location and preferences
WorldMate Live Outlook Add-in
Travel tools and resources, including integrated weather forecasts, currency and measurement converters, world clocks and more
Connections- find out when you're in the same place as someone you know
Travel often? Get the benefits of Gold:
Automatic flight alerts for over 175 airlines
Real-time flight status including gate information
Suggestions for alternate flights if you need to reschedule
Daily and weekly flight schedules for over 90% of the world's commercial flights
A travel directory of all the contact information you'll ever need on the road
Customer Support via email.
Annual subscription fee of just $99.95
WorldMate Live, personal travel assistant software, Blackberry Curve 8900
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