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WorldMate Smart Search™ is like having your own personal travel expert. You tell it where you’re going – EXACTLY where you’re going – the meeting or conference you want to stay near, or maybe it’s a city landmark or airport. You tell it your preferences (once) – budget, quality, amenities or brands you prefer. WorldMate searches a database of over 100,000 hotels for available hotels and great prices – and tells you what the best options are. It will even show you these hotels on a map in relation to your itinerary meetings, airport etc.  You get the hotel you want at a price you like – without spending hours researching dozens of unsuitable hotels. This service is available both on the website as well as on your phone. We even auto-complete reservations for you so you can get through this with a few clicks. WorldMate is affiliated with who provide us rock-bottom prices and great service.

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