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WorldMate for iPhone
The #1 Personal Travel Assistant

Plan and Manage your trip
Plan and book your travel needs according to your travel destinations, dates and budget.
A complete itinerary viewer
Slick itinerary view who contains all the essential details
about your trip and reservations.
Complete flights details
Pushed Flight Alerts and Real-time Flight Status
for every change in your flight's details.
Book Smart with WorldMate!
Find the best places Get all the hotel info
in one place.
Spot the best place to stay
Hotel search results displayed conveniently
on a map.

Itinerary Manager
Let WorldMate take care of your travel plans. Simply forward your confirmations emails to and your itinerary will be instantly assembled and ready to serve you. WorldMate automatically creates your itinerary and synchronizes it to your iPhone for immediate access.
Trip Items
Your itinerary contains full trip items' details with all the information you need including terminals, gates, confirmation numbers, phone numbers, addresses and much more.

Hotel Search
Don't get baffled with endless search results; with an intuitive interface, you can narrow down the endless list of great hotels. Select the Price Range, see Top Picks, distance from a specific place, or Search by name for your favorite hotel chain. We've also added support for 20 currencies, so you can book in the coinage of your choice.
Search Hotels by Map
Want to know which hotel is best located or if it's close to a favored side of town? All hotel results are displayed on a map. And if that's not good enough, use the Filters to update the Map results or choose to just show Deals - and like magic the Map results will update.
Flight Alerts Notifications
Be the first to know about time and gate changes! Get flight status updates straight to your home screen with WorldMate's flight alerts notification service.
*Requires WorldMate Gold
Flight Delayed Alerts
No more worries about flights! WorldMate automatically checks your pending flight's status, pushing an alert to your iPhone if the flight is delayed or canceled. You can view all the information with just one click and you can even search for alternate flights.
*Requires WorldMate Gold

Social Sharing
Keep your friends and loved ones informed of your travel plans by sharing them via Facebook and Twitter. Got a free evening? Why eat alone on the road? See which of your LinkedIn friends are nearby to your trip location and arrange a meeting.
Real-time Flight Status
Get up-to-date flight status information for over 350 airlines, including flights, gate changes, cancellations and more.
*Requires WorldMate Gold

Online Flight
Now it's easier to check-in for your flight ahead of time! Check in with your flight when all of your important details are pre-filled in the Online Check-in form.
Online Check-in Available notification
WorldMate will remind you when online check-in becomes available and direct you to the airline mobile website right from within the app.

Flight Search
Search for flights using our flight search engine for over 800 airlines on the official airlines guide database (OAG) for wherever you're traveling to.
Currency converter
Get up-to-date exchange rates for hundreds of currencies straight to your iPhone and convert sums easily!

Weather Forecasts
No more worries about what clothes to pack - stay up-to-date with weather conditions for your trip using our 5-Day forecasts for both your home location and travel destinations.
Tip Calculator
No more worries about how much to leave in tips! Use our Tip Calculator feature to figure out the total payment due, with tips included!