Flight Attendants Gone Wild

Everyone is up in arms about JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, who was released from jail last Tuesday after his two thousand five hundred dollar bail was posted by an anonymous source. Slater, thirty eight, was hit on the head with the luggage of a passenger who not only refused to apologize, but proceeded to bombard the wounded flight attendant with obscenities. In response, an enraged Slater took the plane’s PA (Public Address) System and repeated said obscenities-only this time, addressed at the guilty passenger. Slater then bid the flight, and his job, goodbye, grabbing not one, but two beers from the plane’s galley.  After this he slid down the aircraft’s emergency exit chute onto JFK airport’s tarmac.

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Slater has become something of a celebrity; an icon of sticking it to the proverbial man with multiple facebook fan pages and his very own ballad by Jimmy Fallon. However, turns out, Slater wasn’t the first flight attendant to act out, in fact, some in flight staff will openly write and blog about it, exposing their wayward in-the-air tales for all to see.

Bad Flight Attendant

Anthony Norris, flight attendant turned writer, wrote a whole book titled ‘Bad Flight Attendant’, a compilation of anecdotes of his misconduct midair. Norris writes, ‘Who am I? I am a bad flight attendant. I fly too much and I sleep too little. I ignore passengers that are jerks to me. I ignore a lot of passengers. I hit on hot girls that are on board the flight and spend my nights drinking with other flight attendants and pilots in the lamest parts of cities. Then I wake up and do it all over again.’  Definitely sounds like the kind of guy we would want ensuring the comfort, safety and ease of our flight.

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Forceful Removal

An anonymous poster on airlinehorrorstories.com told another JetBlue tale in which he was seated next to a gentleman of sizeable proportions who was…aromatic. After squeezing in next to the smelly portly passenger with an allegedly ‘bum leg’, our poster was ‘saved’ by a flight attendant and relocated to a more spacious seat. Before sitting down said poster stuffed his duffle into an overhead compartment, slightly forcefu lly he admits. The flight attendant responsible for the repositioning of our disgruntled poster, asked if all was well, to which our beleaguered man of the hour replied positively, mayhaps making a small comment about the enormity of his plus size former seatmate. The flight attendant then proceeded to call Mr. Poster aside, chastising him for his harsh words about fatty, accusing him of yelling and finally concluding that the ‘scene’ created was justification for kicking him off the plane entirely. The ‘bum leg’ received a second seat.

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Misbehaving Spuds

Here’s a blast from the past-remember TWA (Affectionately known to stand for The Worst Airline..)? In any event, back in the days of TWA, a disgruntled passenger told a TWA flight attendant that the potato in her gourmet airline meal was “bad”. Apparently our TWA flight attendant picked up the potato and chastised it; “Bad potato! Bad potato!” Apparently his scolding was not received with humor-the retributive steward was suspended.

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When Flirting Flight Attendants get Naughty…

Apparently Tiger isn’t the only wayward golfer; Denmark’s most successful golfer, Thomas Bjorn, affectionately known as “The Bear”, was caught up in a five year love affair with Perth born flight attendant, Dagmara Leniartek. “The Bear”, a married man and father of three, terminated the affair last December when the thirty three year old Leniartek informed him that she was pregnant with his baby. Bjorn denied his paternity to the child.. only to have a DNA test prove that he, in fact, had fathered the child.

Looks like celebrity misconduct isn’t limited ground based affairs….
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Beware of Fighting Flight Attendants

Back in February, an argument between two female flight attendants got so out of control that the flight they were stewarding from upstate New York to Atlanta had to be cancelled. Apparently the passengers aboard the flight were told that they had to get off the plane because of the spat. Both flight attendants were removed from duty pending an airline investigation. Beware the frenzy of furious flight attendants…

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Hold on to your Bags…at ALL Times

One flight attendant crossed the threshold of nasty right into criminal. According to court documents, a forty seven year old female flight attendant went through the carry-on bags of passengers flying business class during international flights from Paris. Police were finally alerted after five Tokyo bound passengers discovered they were missing ten thousand USD in foreign currency. Upon further investigation, a safe deposit box was found in the woman’s home, containing jewelry, credit cards, cash, and blank as well as travelers’ checks.

The sticky fingered flight attendant has reportedly confessed to twenty six thefts, though police contend that she has committed many more. If convicted, she faces up to ten years in prison. Lesson learned-when the loudspeaker tells you to keep your carry-on bags in sight at all times-LISTEN.

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Flight Attendant Turned Terrorist…?

Sometimes people just snap… even allegedly calm, cool and collected flight attendants. A former American Airlines flight attendant, Rodney Lorenzo, sent jihad threats to the airline’s executives with “Boom” written on the envelopes. The vengeful flight attendant was reported saying he would forward information to terrorist groups to use against both the airline and its passengers.

Lorenzo’s employment was terminated after he threw a coffee pot at a fellow flight attendant midflight. Lorenzo’s aim was off, missing his colleague entirely, but he was fired from his job and jailed for forty one days.

Lorenzo claims he hurled the crockery in frustration and sadness over a friend’s attempted suicide, without the intention of hitting anyone.

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Here’s one thing that’s for sure-your flight attendant is probably sleep deprived, has to deal with a LOT of people (some of them oversized, obnoxious and/or smelly) and most importantly, holds the power to withhold timely arrival in your destination should they choose. Make sure to consider the power they wield.. or you just may be the next person to be ‘Slater-ed’ over a commercial jet’s PA.

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  1. Maybe if you stopped being rude and domineering to people who have paid out the nose for you to bring a drink cart down the aisle once or twice.
    They are taking the paycheck, they can STFU and to the job

  2. LOL, makes me wonder why anyone flies commercial anymore.

  3. I like the pictures you found for your story. Very nice

  4. Apfelgluck

    August 22nd, 2010

    Some people seem to believe that being a customer gives them all the rights: that is a very cheap attitude, is it not?
    As for flight attendants’ personal problems, I have never encountered any. Nevertheless, should I witness a mistake I would not consider the incident from the fact of having payed my ticket, but from a human perspective: even customer we can help, if we want to.

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  6. YeahRight

    August 22nd, 2010

    Butt-Hurt flight attendants, come on people this is not a real job. They want to be treated like Aircrew but are really just glorified Waitresses. And that’s insulting to the real waitresses that have to work for a living. Try doing a real job just pick one anyone, and you would be doing more work. And have you seen the one’s in the United States they are old and nasty looking. Who the hell wants grandma for a flight attendant. Try flying in Asia, they are young and beautiful doing an outstanding job. Now go get me another drink you old skank!

  7. alrightnow missy

    September 6th, 2010

    Things flight attendants should do:

    bring me my drink, now.
    throw parents who don’t discipline their kids off the plane
    stop kids from kicking the back of my seat, in fact get them to sit down and stfu
    don’t yell at me when I say quietly, that child is kicking the back of my seat, would you please do something

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