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WorldMate automatically creates your trip plan - including flights, hotels, transportation, meetings and conferences. It captures this information off confirmation emails you receive from travel agents, airlines etc. Here is how- simply forward your travel confirmation emails to WorldMate will automatically insert the important details into your itinerary. Meetings from your calendar can then be sent using WorldMate’s Outlook add-in, or simply entered into our website. Once you’ve begun planning your trip, you can see your trip plotted on a map – see where the meetings are relative to the airport and hotel, how wo get from place to place etc.  We'll even remind you when stuff is missing – like a hotel booking, and since we know to what time zone you're traveling... each item will be listed in the correct destination time. Read more about how WorldMate builds itineraries automatically here.

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"Rated Excellent. Keep a personal travel assistant in your pocket. WorldMate Live will manage your full itinerary, including travel arrangements and business meetings... ensure a smooth trip by pushing alerts regarding imminent events like flight delays"
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