WorldMate go in the know - plan your travel

WorldMate, the number #1 travel app now on Windows Phone!

Slick design:
You'll love the beautiful design and display
of WorldMate for Windows Phone
A complete itinerary viewer:
We re-crafted a slick itinerary viewer
for the Windows Phone interface
Trip items
Full trip items' details including one click to call
and open location maps to plot your airports, hotels, and meetings
Share your trip details
You can share your trips via Facebook and LinkedIn
and see which friends are nearby to your trip location.

Trip Organizer
No more printing trip confirmation emails! See all of your future trips organized on the Windows Phone trips dashboard.
Itinerary Viewer
Let WorldMate take care of your travel plans. Simply forward your confirmations emails to and your itinerary will be instantly assembled and ready to serve you. WorldMate automatically creates your itinerary and synchronizes it to your Windows Phone.

Trip Items
Your itinerary contains full trip items' details with all the information you need including confirmation code, phone numbers, addrresses and much more.
One click to Open and Call
Just one click to call or open location maps to plot meetings, hotels and airports.

Share your travel plans
Share your travel plans with your Facebook and LinkedIn friends, post travel plans from your Trip screen to your Facebook network
See who's nearby
Got a free evening? Why eat alone on the road? See which friends are nearby to your trip location and arrange a meeting